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Martial arts students/instructors can help with instructions (i.e. for Shotokan katas, Taekwondo forms, Aikido techniques or Krav Maga techniques), fitness fanatics with strength & conditioning, movie buffs with martial arts movies, linguists with terminology, etc. We need assistance with step-by-step instructions for katas, kicks, punches, submissions, strength training, stretching, self-defense, etc. Help martial arts "grasshoppers" everywhere!!!

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Welcome to Black Belt Wiki!

Black Belt Wiki is a free martial arts wiki focused on helping martial arts students improve their existing skills, acquire new martial arts techniques and learn about different martial arts styles. This martial arts wiki is focused on being an "instructional" wiki versus a "history" wiki.

As you know, wikis are team efforts involving many people freely donating their time and knowledge. Therefore, we hope you will share your martial arts knowledge and help build this free wiki so beginners can gain a greater understanding about all martial arts styles and techniques.

This wiki covers all of the "major" martial arts styles such as Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and Tai Chi. Moreover, this martial arts wiki covers many of the less well-known martial arts styles and systems because every type of martial arts offers useful and unique techniques.

If you are new to martial arts, we want to help you to learn about different martial arts styles so you can choose a school that is right for you. If you are an existing martial arts student, we want to help you progress and to get ready for your next belt test. Black Belt Wiki offers free written and video instructions on katas, forms & patterns, kicking techniques, punches & strikes, grappling (i.e. submissions), stretching, strength training, self-defense, martial arts weapons and much more. We want this wiki to be a martial arts library which is free for all visitors and open 24 hours a day.

We want to reinforce and supplement your existing martial arts training by giving you information on more advanced techniques (i.e. kicks, self-defense, katas, etc.) and help you "relearn" techniques & katas that you practiced (and forgot) years ago. We also want to help you "cross train" so you can learn about new martial arts techniques and styles in order to help you become a more complete martial artist.

Black Belt Wiki is not trying to duplicate Wikipedia because that wiki does a great job providing lengthy summaries of subjects (such as the history of a specific martial arts style). However, Wikipedia does a poor job teaching martial arts techniques and katas/forms because it lacks detailed instructional videos and written step-by-step instructions… thus the need for a dedicated martial arts wiki.

Please Join this martial arts wiki to make it even better. Share your knowledge and help beginning martial arts students. Consider adding step-by-step instructions, a favorite martial arts YouTube video or even a single sentence that helps to better explain a difficult martial arts technique in order to improve everyone's knowledge of martial arts grappling, kicks, stretches, katas, terminology, etc. Any work done on this martial arts wiki (i.e. even a tiny edit to fix a spelling mistake) will help martial arts students everywhere!

Become a Wiki Member

If you would like to become a member of this wiki, please request membership and tell us your name, your email address and how you would like to help. All martial arts enthusiasts are welcome. After contacting us, we will send you a password (needed to cut down on spam). Then you can become a member by clicking on the "Join Button" below and using the password. We look forward to hearing from you!

Members should focus on helping beginners versus on massive self-promotion (i.e. posting your website URL everywhere without adding much information). Nevertheless, a little bit of self-promotion is okay (in the reference section on a page) but please try to remember the mission of the wiki! Moreover, Black Belt Wiki does not promote violence and contributors should only discuss a technique in terms of how it might be taught in a dojo, how it might be utilized in a self-defense situation, how it might be used in a sparring tournament in order to score a point, etc.

Benefits for Wiki Members, Contributors & Editors

  • Members can post links to their martial arts school, blog or martial arts website in the reference sections at the bottom of each wiki page… if they add content (i.e. kata details or technique instructions) to that wiki page. We want to build this wiki AND help our contributors (by driving visitors to their martial arts websites). So by helping Black Belt Wiki, you are helping yourself! Show off your martial arts expertise by adding details to this wiki. This will allow you to add your website to the reference section of multiple wiki pages… and thus you will get more potential students and/or blog readers to visit your website.
  • Black Belt Wiki is a popular martial arts website. Therefore, the more pages that you create or edit equals more links back to your website (in the reference sections of those pages) which equals more visitors to your blog or martial arts school.
  • You can also add your school website to our Martial Arts School Directory or your blog to our Martial Arts Blog Directory.
  • We will also highlight frequent contributors & their websites on the Top Posters page with an expanded description and profile.
  • Members do not see the ads on the top of Black Belt Wiki.

Therefore, wiki members will help others learn about their martial arts style or system. They will attract more potential students to their martial arts schools or potential readers to their blogs. Finally, they will increase their Internet "presence" as a martial arts authority and expert.

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