Instructions for 6 Inch Leg Raises - Martial Arts Core Strength Exercise

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Instructions for 6 Inch Leg Raises - Martial Arts Core Strength Exercise

This page will teach you how to do "6 Inch Leg Raises" (or Leg Lift Hold, Straight Leg Hold, etc.). This isometric exercise will improve your martial arts core strength. In turn, this will help your rotational power and thus benefit your kicking, punching and grappling power. It also works on the muscles of your quadriceps (thighs). For similar exercises, please visit the section on Leg Lifts, Bent Leg Raise or Flutter Kicks.

For more exercises (i.e. crunches and planks), please visit the main Core Exercises section.

Technique Instructions

  • Lie on your back.
  • Place your hands under your glutes (butt) in order to reduce the pressure on your back.
  • Raise your feet up 6 inches off the ground.
  • Keep your legs together and stable.
  • Hold for 20 seconds.
  • Lower feet to the ground.
  • Repeat technique.
  • Variations include raising your feet off the ground and spreading your legs & bringing them back together (while maintaining a 6 inch distance from the floor), adding a crunch while your feet are off the ground, etc.

Instructional Video for 6 Inch Leg Raises

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