Aikido Ken Suburi - Basic Bokken Techniques

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Aikido Ken Suburi - Basic Bokken Techniques

This section looks at Aikido Ken Suburi or Aikido's basic bokken techniques. These techniques teach Aikido students a series of bokken cuts and are used for solo practice. Aikido Ken Suburi uses seven basic techniques ranging from Ichi-No to Shichi-No.

Bokken are wooden swords primarily used for martial arts weapons training. They are used in Japanese martial arts such as Kendo, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu and Aikido.

For additional techniques, please visit the main Aikido Techniques section.

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Aikido Ken Suburi - Techniques 1-7

  • Ichi-No - Downward vertical cut.
  • Ni-No - Step back into Jodan-No-Kamae then execute a downward vertical cut.
  • San-No - Step back into Waki-Gamae then execute a downward vertical cut.
  • Yon-No - Step forward with a downward vertical cut; repeat.
  • Go-No - Step forward while guarding then execute a 70 degree downward cut; repeat.
  • Roku-No - Step forward with a downward vertical cut, then shuffle forward and thrust.
  • Shichi-No - Step forward while guarding, execute a 70 degree downward cut then step forward and thrust.

Demonstration of Aikido Ken Suburi (1-7)

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