List of Aikido Suwari Waza or Sitting Techniques

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List of Aikido Suwari Waza or Sitting Techniques

This page provides details for Aikido sitting techniques or Suwari Waza. These are techniques that Samurai used to defend themselves if they were attacked in a seated or kneeling position (i.e. defend against a sword strike from a seated position). These Suwari Waza sitting techniques are variations of basic Aikido standing techniques (i.e. Aikido Ikkyo).

Suwari Waza - Basic Techniques

Suwari Waza - Aikido Throws

  • Aikido Suwari Waza Kokyu-Ho - Suwari-Waza Kokyu-Ho focuses on defending against grabs when seated (in a traditional Samurai kneeling position).
  • Aikido Suwari Waza Irimi Nage - Entering Throw
  • Aikido Suwari Waza Kokyu Nage - Breath Throw
  • Aikido Suwari Waza Shiho Nage - Four Corner Throw

Aikido Suwari Waza

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