Bataireacht - Irish Stick Fighting Martial Arts

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Bataireacht - Irish Stick Fighting Martial Arts

Bataireacht is the official term for Irish stick fighting. This martial arts uses the traditional Irish martial arts weapons known as the shillelagh (a wooden club or walking stick).

While popular in Ireland in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries (given the national turmoil at that time), this martial arts fell into obscurity until recently. Now, Bataireacht is gaining in popularity in many countries outside of Ireland.

Similar to the basics used in cane fighting and Jojutsu, Bataireacht relies on techniques such as blocks, strikes and thrusts.

Bataireacht belongs in the same category as other stick-based martial arts such as Eskrima, Canne de Combat, Tahtib, etc.


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