Best Books for Taekwondo Students

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Best Books for Taekwondo Students

Here is our selection of the best books focused on Taekwondo. These are our favorite Taekwondo books and cover Taekwondo techniques, forms & patterns, philosophy and much more. All of these Taekwondo books have at least 4 stars on Amazon. We have also added popular Taekwondo DVDs & products. For other popular martial arts books (i.e. Krav Maga or BJJ), please visit the main Martial Arts Books section.

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Popular & Highly-Rated Taekwondo Books - Our favorites!

  • A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do - This book looks at "the origin of the most popular martial art" and follows Choi (considered by many as the founder of Taekwondo) "from the 1938 poker game where he fought for his life, through high-class geisha houses where the art was named, and into the Vietnam War where the martial art evolved into a killing art".
  • Modern Taekwondo: The Official Training Manual - This Taekwondo book examines Taekwondo's history, philosophy, breaking, sparring and much more.
  • Taekwondo: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Warrior - This Taekwondo books teaches how "principles such as honor, perseverance, and dedication will enhance your daily life, how the philosophical and physical tenets combine to form not only a way of living, but a solid system of self-defense".
  • Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence
  • Taekwondo Kyorugi: Olympic Style Sparring - This Taekwondo book focuses on the "skills, drills, strategies and methods used by Korean coaches and competitors for years. Footwork, kicks, hand target drills, heavy bag workouts, coaching, combinations, strategy, professional training, opponent analysis, conditioning, weight control, competition tips" & more.
  • Tae Kwon Do: The Indomitable Martial Art of Korea
  • Ultimate Flexibility - In order to excel at Taekwondo, you need to be very flexible (esp. for high or spinning kicks). This popular stretching & flexibility book was written by a well-known Taekwondo instructor. 4 1/2 stars on Amazon.

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