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Intro Text Section - In the top tool bar, click on "edit this page" button and then you will see the "code" that can be changed. Type an initial short introductory passage here (replace everything in this paragraph) such as "Taekwondo is a Korean martial…". However, please remember to delete the intro text instructions when you are done adding original text.

Video Instructions - Insert (cut & paste) the code for a martial arts video on the line called "Video code here". Please use the iframe code found in the "share & embed" section under all Youtube videos. Find an appropriate video and then click on the "share" button below the video, Then click on the "embed" button and finally copy the code that appears (try to copy the 640 width code - you can adjust the size of the video after hitting the "embed" button). Hint - For the video to work on Black Belt Wiki, please do not touch the html code above & below the "Video code here!" line. Just delete the video instructions and "video code here text" (but not the html code above & below the "video code here" section) when you are done adding the video code. Delete these instructions after you have added the YouTube video code (but remember to leave the [[=]][[html]] and [[/=]][[/html]] code alone. Thanks.

Written Instructions for Martial Arts Techniques, Katas, etc.

  • Add step-by-step written instructions for katas (forms) or techniques here.
  • Use these bullet points to breakout each step in order to make it easier for beginners.


  1. Add reference source here. Place in following format - Name of Website, Page Name (such as Shotokan Kata), link to specific web page ( and date added to wiki. Test.