A Creed And Words To Live By

A Creed And Words To Live By

Too often people are given expectations without direct instructions, and then are persecuted for their lack of action.


  • Few teens receive a genuine talk from their parents about coming of age, and if they do it is often out of an obligated feeling which teens know to be awkward, otherwise this responsibility if slothed off on the public education system. Therefore they dont always get the full gravity of the information and tend to make mistakes like unplanned teen pregnancies.
  • Another example is being raped. A large percentage of rapes go unreported every year because people are worried that they are looked down upon. The simple fact of the matter is that they were not strong enough to stop their aggressor during the instance but that does not make them any less powerful in spirit telling some one and asking for help.

These are two extreme examples but the same concept applies that they didn't understand the gravity of the situation because no one close to them motivated them to understand it.

How to fix this?
As a martial arts instructor you have years worth of time to help them develop in life as well as the martial arts.

  • A creed is a great way to help this. At some schools they say a creed at the beginning and end of every single class to instill in the students words to live by.
  • Some beautiful creeds may be hard for children to follow however, simply because of their word usage or poetic flow.
  • Another worth while pursuit for teaching young children is that about 1/3 of all classes when lined up at the beginning or end is to have them repeat things like…
    • "I must have respect for my parents, teacher and all of those that have authority over me."
    • "I will not let anyone touch me where im not supposed to be touched, I will tell someone if i am touched where im not supposed to be touched."
    • "I will say no to drugs."
    • "If i listen i will learn."
    • And the list can go on, each instructor should make their own set.

If you teach children in martial arts, teaching them life long lessons in character, respect, and discipline should be your first priority. You have the power to impact every decision they make for the rest of their lives, and that should not be taken lightly.