"Can't" Is A Bad Word

"Can't" Is A Bad Word

Saying "I can't" do something is a limiting mindset. This happens in children and unfortunately still many adults, just by saying those words they are limiting themselves from being able to achieve something just because it is a little hard.

Ex. The students are stretching in class and the instructor urges them forward. A very non flexible student gets frustrated when urged and says "i cant do it" and they wont be able to, because they've already limited themselves in their head.

How to fix this?

  • Act as though they just said a bad word. Lightly scold them for it. Then tell them that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.
  • Call attention to it for the whole class, let everyone know that "Can't" is a bad word (possibly having to do a small number of pushups for each time it is said.)
  • Children are taught failure is bad, when we in learn through failure and perseverance. They say "I can't" as a way to cover the failure, using it like a scapegoat. They need to be urged that you don't expect them to get it right the first time, or do it perfectly the tenth time, but that was really matters is the attitude they have.

Other Excuses
This applies to students primarily forgetting to bring something, being a belt to the dojo or their whole uniform to an after school program. If they forget their stuff when leaving home, what do they do? They usually want to escape the failure and say something along the lines "My mom didnt pack it." or a multitude of other similar scenarios.
-All of which can receive nearly the same reply. Asking them who's uniform or belt that it is.
-The key here if for them to understand the responsibility. They shouldn't be punished as long as they realize that it was their responsibility.
-They could have asked mom to get it. Asked her if she had done it in the laundry. It doesn't matter as long as they understand the point.

Because the bigger issue here is urging them to realize how much power and control they have on their own lives. If they set their mind to it they can achieve it.