Karate Teisho Uke

Karate Teisho Uke

The Karate Teisho Uke is used in several of the later katas, but in most clubs is not taught as kihon.

Instructions for Technique

This technique can bu used in many ways, and is very versatile, in most case it is used as a parry to deflect an attack, or to grab the attacking arm, to follow up with a lock or grab. It can be used to Jordon height, chudan and Gedan height. It is most effective using it from the outside inwards, as doing it outwards usually requires the wrist to be twisted, which can lead to injury.
In the case of using to parry, a simple slapping motion will do the trick, but for a grab it requires a more precise application to complete the grab successfully.

As with most blocking techniques, it can be used as a strike, either in a slapping motion, or as a forward strike, to face or body. To apply this as a forward strike, it almost like a punch, using hips and shoulders to transfer power, and as this is seen as a simple placing of hands by bystanders, is very useful as a deterrent, and if applied using hips and shoulder to deliver the strike can generate alot of power. A way to improve on this is to cup your hand slightly, by tucking you little finger under the next one, and tucking the thumb in as well as if cupping water.

Reference Sources

Taught by Red Dragons Karate school uk. Sensei Nathan Foster