Soku To

Soku-to kick

Soku-to is a kick taught in many wado ryu schools as a knife edge kick. It is usually used to be kicked in at 45 degree's, to the opponent leading leg to strike at the knee.

Instructions for Technique

  1. First off change block, this means to change to opposite block, this can be used to block an attack or strike to know opponent back.
  2. Twist front foot 45 to 90 degree's
  3. Raise back leg up with the big toe up and remaing 4 toes down, to tense the knife edge of the foot
  4. Thrust out from Knee and pull back in again
  5. Place attacking foot on floor in front possition.

This can also be used to strike arm if opponent is on floor and you have controll of arm, to ribs or kneck in this situation also. It is mainly used to strike soft area's unless used to fold a joint.

Reference Sources

Red Dragons Karate School UK. Sensei Nathan Foster