Taisho hand Shape

Taisho is a hand shape in Karate, it is open handed and is mainly used for parry's and can be used as a strike.

Instructions for Technique

This technique is used mainly to enhance blocks, when used it can alter how your arm moves as well. The shape of the hand is with the fingers extended and slightly bent, with the thumb bent in, the reason we bend the fingers is to give strength, and if used in a strike to absorb the shock and not bend back. We'll have a look at an example with Karate Gedan-Barai. When used with gedan barai, the movement of gedan barai is across the body and down low, blocking to the outside. So with this the arm twist's more so the palm of the hand is to the outside of the body. If we use this on a higher block, say a Karate Uchi-Uke, it is simple to adapt just by adopting the shape and using it as a parry, the benefit of this is the hand is open so ready to grad the attacking arm of the opponent.

Reference Sources

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