Wado-Ryu - Bunkai for the Kihon Kata

Wado-Ryu - Bunkai for the Kihon Kata

This page focuses on bunkai for the Wado-Ryu First Kihon Kata. This is the first kata most Karateka learn on their journey. As an introduction, this kata is a good one. It is not too complex, not too boring, and has a lot of potential.

So the first few movements, from Yoi, left hand Gedanbarai, I personally don't teach this as a block to a kick, I would never use my weapons/arms to block something stronger like a leg. So, I like this for a wrist grab.

  • First, your opponent's right hand grabs your right wrist.
  • Twist your arm as it comes back to the hip and grab their arm as it is twisted.
  • As you do this, you should place the outside of your forearm on your opponent's upper arm.
  • Push against the opponent's arm, with the twisted arm, and going for the points on the upper arm
  • The leverage from this joint lock should drop the attacker to their knees and leave their head/neck open for a strike.

After this, the next movement after oitzuke, is a long Muwatte into right handed Gedanbarai, nice and simple. If they are still putting up a fight, wrap the arm you just punched with, around the attackers neck, who is now on the floor, complete the muwatte pulling them with you and let them go.

Here's just a quick video of the sort of things to look for in kata, it might not be the best as the guy seems camera shy.


Red Dragons Karate Club UK Sensei Nathan Foster