Wado Ryu Pinan Sandan Bunkai

Wado Ryu Pinan Sandan Bunkai

This page looks at the bunkai associated with Wado Ryu kata Pinan Sandan.

As we start the kata from yoi dachi, we turn 90 degree's into a Karate Soto-uke left arm, in neko ashi dachi, with the added mobillity given by niko ashi dachi we move quickly to use the Soto uke and gedan barai, to stop an attempted double grab, and the second one as strikes to neck and lower stomach. The next technique is a 90 degree Muwatte into another soto uke, as the last soto uke is left handed, and the one after the muwatte is right handed this can be used as a throw, by grabbing the oppoenet on the left hands soto uke, by the hair, ear or back of neck, the second soto uke on the spin goes under the attackers right arm pit, excecuting the spin will throw them. If this is not applied doing it on the other side ensures that you practice on both hands.

This is followed by a 90 degree muwatte into a left handed soto uke, followed by a Nukite, followed by a spin. So if we use the Soto uke's Hikite as a parry on an incoming punch, the soto uke as a strike to the neck, and the Nukite as a strike to the stomach, you opponents arm will be out stretched to your left, by grabbing this arm, this can be applied with the spin as a throw of your opponent, by pushing you shoulder under the opponents armpit and lefting them off the ground while doing the 360 degree spin.

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