Wado Ryu Pinan Shodan Bunkai

Pinan Shodan Bunkai/Application of kata

This is the third kata taught in most wado ryu schools, it is quite complicated compared to the first two that are taught, and introduces Shuto-uke, and double techniques, and includes low to high techniques and high to low.

If we break the Kata down, the first part, the first 3 or 4 moves is our first part, and we'll look at a few applications for this first part.

  • If we assume that how we are taught this kata is correct, and not a watered down version, the Jordon-uke and Outside block/Soto-uke are done at the exact same time with out a pause. So as your opponent comes in with a Jordon-zuki, we step side on and with the Jordon-uke, parry and grab the attacking arm, and at the same time the Outside block/Soto-uke is used to either cover there arm, or as a inside strike with the thumb's knuckle either to inner attacking arm, chest, throat or face. This can be followed up with the two hammer fist as finishers.
  • If we look at this again, but with the first two techniques having a pause in-between them. So Opponent throws a chudan-zuki, and the Jordon-uke blocks this, stretching the attacking arm up and high, and the Outside block/Soto-uke, becomes a raising strike into the out stretched armpit, and all the nerve points in there that are now stretched and primed due to the hyper extension of the arm, again finishing off as above with the two hammer fists.

Now with these techniques, we change from a Neko ashi dachi to a flat footed Zenkutsu dachi then into a Musubi dachi, as we go from Neko ashi dachi, to zenkutsu-dachi, we are dropping our weight with the first hammer fist, so this increases striking power and should lower opponent due to the power going down and into opponent. This leads into the next part, the grand finale.

  • So, we have the opponent in a crouched possition due to the pummeling they have just taken, so the lower hammer fist, with that hand we are going high, so grab, with both hands and follow through to the Outside block/Soto-uke and Jordon-uke, as a throw, or repeat techniques again.

If we assume that we do these movements on both sides to practice them on boith sides, and not as follow ups, then the next movement would be the hammerfist, Mae-geri then Muwatte Shuto-uke. What if…

We've done the Outside block/Soto-uke, with the Jordon-uke, two hammer fist, grab opponent by gi, shirt, neck, or throat, do the Short Muwatte, the hammer fist or back fist, would now be targetting the sternum or top of head, depending how the opponent falls, and the Mae-geri just for good measure.

Reference Sources

Taught by Sensei Nathan Foster Red Dragons Karate School UK