Women Self-Defense - Training Tips

Training tips

These are some tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your training.

  • Hair Down - A pony tail is easy to train with as your hair stays out of your face but for realistic training it is good to practice with your hair down. This will allow you to train with limited vision and improve your feel of the situation as it is a possibility to be attacked while your hair is not up.
  • Dress/Skirt - Practice while wearing skirt or dress that way you will not feel insecure or intimidated if confronted while wearing this type of clothing.
  • Heels - You may not have time to get out of your heels right away. Practice "running" in heel to get away. Some simple foot work in avoiding strikes. Practice a bit of balancing with heels on (one foot). In close quarters utilize the stomping heel kick, and practice throwing a groin kick with heels. Also practice taking them off quickly and being prepared to throw them at the attacker. For practice acquire a "junk" pair of heels.
  • Palm Strike - An extremely high emphasis should be put on using palm heel strikes, this will minimize damage to the fingers and knuckles, as well as prevent damage to the hand from longer nails.
  • Purse - Practice swinging/throwing and using a purse against your attacker. A "junk/old" purse is recommended.
  • Scarf - The style Silat uses a sarong sash (similar to an infinity scarf) but any scarf will do. They can be thrown to distract or temperately blind an opponent. It can give you an additional reach and protection from a blade. Or be used in other ways.
  • Hoops - Try to on a regular basis wear small (hoops or dangles) earrings or wear studs as it is difficult to remove large earrings during an attack and likely to be ripped from the ear, this being a mostly preventative measure.
  • Wallet/Cell - Practice tossing this sort of item at an attacker who say may have you at gun or knife point but is slightly out of reach as this could give you the time you may need to either get away or use the opportunity to attack them. Practice with an old wallet tossing the item to a friend, the toss should be an underhand and light as for the attacker to believe that it will be gentle, but aim the toss to an awkward distance or height to off kilter them. Detach yourself from losing your wallet/cell phone as this could save your life.
  • Touchy Feely - For best practice please find a partner/friend with whom you would be comfortable practicing scenarios where you are touched inappropriately. This includes them putting their hips right up against yours (front and back), putting their hands on your throat, breasts, butt, upper thigh (but not touching the groin), and upper pubic area (but not touching the groin). This is very important so that you can accurately practice these situations, this is because many techniques involve pinning their hand on the area that they touched and then twisting or breaking the finger/wrist ect., if with many of these you swat the attackers hand away you can then be hit with aggressive power.