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How To Post on Black Belt Wiki

This page will teach you how to add material to Black Belt Wiki. FYI - Only members can edit… but remember membership is free! Just click on the "Join This Wiki" button in order to become a member.

Simple Posting Instructions

  • Find an existing page that you want to change (i.e. Krav Maga Elbow Strikes) and click on the "edit this page" button (on the top left of that page). You will then be taken to the editing tool (which will appear at the bottom of the page).
  • In the editing box, you can type in new details (i.e. add kata step-by-step instructions) or make edits to the page (i.e. correct spelling mistakes). When you are done, click on the "save" button at the bottom of the editing box. Pretty simple! :)
  • Please use your own words and do not copy another website's work.
  • If you are having trouble, please contact us and we will provide you with any assistance that you need.

Other Posting Pages

More Detailed Posting Instructions

  • If you want to add material to an existing page, just click on the "edit this page" at the top of the page. This will allow you to edit the underlying code and add text, YouTube video "code" and external links to your website (in the reference section at the bottom of most pages). Just try adding text to a page until you get comfortable with things. Click on the "preview" button at bottom of page to see if everything is correct before you click the final "save" button. Don't forget to click on the "save" button when you are done! :)
  • You can also create links to existing pages on Black Belt Wiki by highlighting the same words on a page (i.e. kicking techniques) and then click on the "page link" button on the edit menu (this button is located in the middle row of buttons and is fifth from the right). After you save your final edits (with the "save" button on the bottom of the page), you will see a blue-colored link on the finished page (this shows you that it is linking to an existing page). However, please click on the link to see if it is the right page.
  • If you create a new page then try to include the name of the martial arts style and the name of the technique in the title (i.e. Karate Side Kick).
  • Or if things still look too complicated, you can email us the information and we will post it on the wiki for you or create a new page for you.

Read BEFORE Posting

  • Category Pages - Main categories pages should consist of a short description (i.e. Taekwondo is a Korean…), a table of contents (links aimed at the most useful pages associated with that martial arts such as kata instructions) and then the main body of the page. You should try to organize the page so it looks similar to other Black Belt Wiki pages.
  • Major Rewrites - For any major changes to a page (esp. if deleting sections), please contact the staff of Black Belt Wiki first. Major rewrites significantly change the work done by other contributors and thus causes controversy. Brand new page creation (as you would be the first to contribute to that page) or additions to an existing page are okay but wholesale changes to existing pages should be reviewed first.
  • External Links - All page links should be focused on internal Black Belt Wiki pages (as we are trying to build up this martial arts "instructional" wiki versus just redirecting visitors to another site). Use the wiki search engine (located on the bottom of every page) in order to find links to the many existing Black Belt Wiki pages covering kicks, katas, throws, etc. External links (to contributor websites, martial arts associations, Wikipedia, etc.) should only be added in the reference section (at the bottom of all pages).
  • Wikipedia - Small portions of Wikipedia can be used as reference material (i.e. a paragraph). However, please do not just cut and paste massive sections from Wikipedia as we are trying to develop our own unique technique/instruction-based wiki. Add your own unique content focused on helping beginners learn how to do a technique/kata. There should be no external links to Wikipedia other than in the reference section of a page (located at the bottom of a page). If you need to copy a paragraph from Wikipedia, please enter the paragraph in this wiki in the following manner; According to Wikipedia, "Taekwondo is….". Please use quotation marks around the Wikipedia paragraph and add Wikipedia as a reference source (with direct link to the Wikipedia page where you copied the paragraph) in the reference section at the bottom of every Black Belt Wiki page.
  • Copying Work From Another Website - Do not copy another website's work. The only sources where limited material can be copied are either Wikipedia or a martial arts association (i.e. World Taekwondo Federation). Place the small copied section in quotes (i.e. According to XYZ website, "Muay Thai is…") and provide the source information (i.e. name of website and website link) in the reference section at the bottom of the wiki page.
  • Quotes - If something is in quotes (i.e. According to the Karate Federation, "Karate is…"), please do not edit this section/paragraph as you are changing someone else's work.
  • Other Wiki Rules - Please read the main wiki rules page for more details.

How To Create A New Page

  • You can also create new pages by highlighting a keyword (i.e. Taekwondo Dan-Gun) in an existing page and clicking the "page link" button on the edit menu. However, you will see a red link which means that it is not connecting to an existing page. Click on the red link and you will be taken to a "Create page" link, click on this link. You will then see a new page with your keyword (i.e. Taekwondo Dan-Gun) as the title and a couple of "fill-in the blank" sections - similar to what you see below. Just plug in the appropriate text - short intro text, video code (without touching the html code - just put code where it says "video code here"), a bottom main text section (for greater details and instructions) and finally a reference section (where you link to reference material such as your martial arts website).
  • Please try to put the martial arts style (i.e. Karate or Kung Fu) in front of the technique when creating a new page because many martial arts have techniques with similar names (but different applications). Therefore a new page name should look like Judo Do Jime… martial style first (Judo) then technique name (Do Jime).
  • Reference Section - If there is any existing reference, please post below it (i.e. post as number 2 if there is an existing number 1 reference). Let the creator (of the page) keep his number 1 spot. :) Please remember to add the website name, title of the page where reference material was found, link to the page (i.e. and the date that you added this reference material. Also please don't just post links to your website if you are not adding any material to that page (this is a quick way to get banned from this website - as it is just seen as spam).
  • Please post only external links in the reference section. All other links on the main text sections should internal links to other Black Belt Wiki pages. If a page is not available then create it! :)
  • If you want to experiment with editing a page before trying your skills on a real page, try practicing on our sandbox page.
  • Please read the wiki rules page for more details.
  • Please do not just copy and paste Wikipedia articles. Try to add your own original thoughts and ideas. Add a video (two or three max due to loading issues), etc. Help make us better than and different from Wikipedia. We want to focus on free instruction versus free history lessons.

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