Isshin-Ryu Upper Body Basics - Instructions & Video

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Isshin-Ryu Upper Body Basics - Instructions & Video

This section looks at the Isshin-Ryu Karate upper body basics. These basic techniques cover upper body strikes and blocks. They prepare students for kata and more advanced techniques used in Isshin-Ryu. However, these instructions can vary by school (esp. for the higher number basics) so please check with your instructor. There are usually 15 upper body basics in Isshin-Ryu training.

For kata information, please visit the main Isshin-Ryu Katas section.

List of Isshin-Ryu Upper Body Basics

  1. Right straight punch to solar plexus
  2. Right foot forward, right uppercut to chin
  3. Right straight punch to solar plexus
  4. Left foot forward, right uppercut to chin
  5. Left down block - right straight punch to solar plexus
  6. Left side block - right straight punch to solar plexus
  7. Left open side block - right guyaku nukite to solar plexus
  8. Left open head block - right uppercut to chin
  9. Left head block - right straight punch to solar plexus
  10. Left head block - left snap to nose - right straight punch to solar plexus
  11. Left down block - 5 straight punches to solar plexus
  12. Left side block - 5 straight punches to solar plexus
  13. Left open down block - right open shuto to neck
  14. Left open palm chest block - double roundhouse punches
  15. Cat stance - hip strike - elbow strike - head block

Instructional Video for Isshin-Ryu Upper Body Basics

Demonstration Video for Isshin-Ryu Upper Body Basics

Reference Sources

  1. Isshinryu Karate Klub of Troy, Isshinryu Basics,

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