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Learn Aikido Kata - Koryu Dai San - Section supported by Aikido books

This page will help you to learn the Aikido kata, Koryu Dai San. This kata is divided into the seven sections listed below.

For other katas, please visit the main Aikido katas page.

Koryu Dai San

Elements of each section of the Koryu Dai San kata

Suwari Waza (Section A - Kneeling Techniques)

1. Oshi-taoshi
2. Gyaku-gamae-ate
3. Kote-gaeshi
4. Ryote-mochi-sukui-nage
5. Tentai-kote-hineri
6. Shiho-nage
7. Gedan-ate
8. Hiji-kime

Tachi Waza (Section B - Standing Techniques)

1. Kote-mawashi
2. Uchi-tenkai-nage
3. Gyaku-gamae-ate
4. Hiji-kime
5. Mae-otoshi
6. Ushiro-waza-mae-otoshi
7. Ushiro-waza-tentai-kote-hineri
8. Mune-tori-kata-gatame

Tanto-dori (Section C - Standing Techniques, hand against Knife)

1. Ushiro-ate
2. Gyaku-gamae-ate
3. Tentai-oshi-taoshi
4. Ushiro-ate
5. Ude-gatame
6. Kote-gaeshi
7. Tentai-kote-hineri
8. Shomen-giri-gendan-ate

Tachi-dori (Section D - Standing Techniques, hand against sword )

1. Mae-otoshi
2. Shiho-nage
3. Ai-gamae-ate
4. Oshi-otoshi
5. Hiji-kujiki

Jo-no-bu Jo-dori (Section E - Standing Techniques, hand against Jo)

1. Gyaku-gamae-ate
2. Shomen-ate
3. Hishigi
4. Renraku-waza-hiji-hishigi
5. Irimi-mae-otoshi

Jo-no-bu Jo-no-tsukai-kata (Section F - Standing Techniques, Jo against hand)

1. Migi-sumi-otoshi
2. Migi-sumi-gori-hidari-sumi-otoshi
3. Tekube-kime-(gori)-shomen-tsuki
4. Mae-otoshi
5. Shiho-nage
6. Shiho-nage-gyaku-kaiten-nage
7. Ude-kujiki
8. Kokyu-nage

Tachi-tai-tachi (Section G - Standing Techniques, Sword against Sword)

1. Ai-uchi-men
2. Hidari-men
3. Migi-men
4. Tsuki
5. Do
6. Kote-nuki-kote
7. Kaeshi-men
8. Hasso-waki-gamae


  1. London Aikido Dojo, Koryu Dai San, http://www.londonaikido.com/index.php/aikido/tomiki-system/koryu-no-kata/koryu-dai-san.html, Added - 8/22/13

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