How To Count In Mandarin or Cantonese For Kung Fu

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How To Count In Mandarin or Cantonese For Kung Fu

This page will help you to count in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) for Kung Fu. We have listed the primary Chinese numbers used in Kung Fu for training purposes such as stretching and forms or taolu. We have also added videos below that teach the proper pronunciation of Chinese numbers in Mandarin and Cantonese.

For other Kung Fu terms and words (i.e. Chinese names for kicks and punches), visit the Kung Fu Terminology page.

Kung Fu Numbers - Counting in Mandarin

  • 1 - Yi (sounds like E)
  • 2 - Er (sounds like R)
  • 3 - San
  • 4 - Si
  • 5 - Wu
  • 6 - Liu
  • 7 - Chee
  • 8 - Ba
  • 9 - Jiu
  • 10 - Shi
  • 11 - Shi-Yi (10 and 1)
  • 12 - Shi-Er
  • 13 - Shi-San
  • 14 - Shi-Si
  • 15 - Shi-Wu
  • 16 - Shi-Liu
  • 17 - Shi-Chee
  • 18 - Shi-Ba
  • 19 - Shi-Jiu
  • 20 - Er-Shi (2 and 10)

Kung Fu Numbers - Counting in Cantonese

  • 1 - Yat (like the boat)
  • 2 - Yee
  • 3 - Saam (like "saw" with a "M" at the end"
  • 4 - Sei (like "say")
  • 5 - Ng (like "mm")
  • 6 - Luk
  • 7 - Chaat
  • 8 - Baat
  • 9 - Gaau
  • 10 - Sup
  • 11 - Sup Yat (10 and 1)
  • 12 - Sup Yee
  • 13 - Sup Saam
  • 14 - Sup Sei
  • 15 - Sup Ng
  • 16 - Sup Luk
  • 17 - Sup Chaat
  • 18 - Sup Baat
  • 19 - Sup Gaau
  • 20 - Yee Sup (2 and 10)

How to Count in Mandarin

How to Count in Cantonese

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