Lateral Scissor Jumps - Agility Ladder Drill

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Wiki Revision Date - 06 Aug 2017 22:58

Lateral Scissor Jumps - Agility Ladder Drill

This page provides details for the agility ladder drill known as Lateral Scissor Jumps. This martial arts agility exercise uses an agility ladder drill in order to improve a student's lateral agility, footwork, speed, etc. In this agility ladder drill, the martial artist stands sideways to the ladder. The athlete's left foot will be in square and right foot out. The athlete will jump and go to next square. The athlete will land with the right foot in the square and left foot out. This is repeated with alternating feet until the athlete reaches the end of agility ladder.

The ability to move laterally and diagonally is useful in martial arts sparring and self-defense in order to avoid an opponent's attack and position yourself for an effective counterattack. However, if martial artist can not do it with speed, the martial artist will find the counterattack "opening" will have closed before they could launch a strike.

For more lateral agility drills, please visit the main Martial Arts Agility or Lateral Agility Ladder Drills sections.

Lateral Scissor Jumps - Agility Ladder Drill

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