Martial Arts Striking Bags for Kicking & Punching

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Martial Arts Striking Bags for Kicking & Punching

Looking to buy a martial arts heavy bag, speed bag or kicking shield to help you improve your kicking and punching power? This page lists a wide variety of martial arts striking bags & kicking dummies that are used to improve a student's kicking and punching power, accuracy and skill.

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Books on Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Training - Our favorites!

Heavy Bags by Brand & Type

Kicking Shields, Pads & Paddles

Punching Mitts, Speed Bags, etc.

  • Double End Bags - Double end bags teach martial artists how to strike while avoiding their opponent's counter punch. They are similar (in function) to a reflex bag.
  • Punching Bags
  • Punching Mitts - Punching mitts allow you to practice speed, power and accuracy with a training partner.
  • Reflex Bags - Reflex bags help with punching power and upper body agility & movement (as you dodge the rebound).
  • Speed Bags - Speed bags are traditionally used by boxers for punching speed & accuracy training.
  • Training Gloves - Protect your knuckles during training. Without gloves, it is easy to tear your skin when punching a heavy bag.

Related Equipment

  • Heavy Bag Hangers - Equipment used to hang heavy bags, speed baps, etc. from ceiling.
  • Heavy Bag Stands - These are usually metal stands that hold a hanging heavy bag (useful if you are not interested a free standing heavy bag or the heavy bag can not be mounted to the ceiling).
  • Wing Chun Wooden Striking Dummy - A wooden striking dummy is a traditional Chinese training tool used for practice kicking & punching as well as "toughen" hands, feet, etc.

Wavemaster Kicking Bags

BOB - Body Opponent Bags

Wooden Striking Dummy

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