Instructions for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 7 (Chil Jang)

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Instructions for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 7 (Chil Jang)

Here are written and video instructions for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 7 (Chil Jang). Step-by-step written instructions for this form are on the bottom of the page.

Palgwe color belt forms are not part of the official curriculum for WTF or ITF Taekwondo schools. Taekwondo Palgwe forms were used before the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) switched to Taegeuk forms. Nevertheless, Palgwe is still used at many Taekwondo schools. However, please be aware that while Palgwe forms have similar names to the color belt WTF Taegeuk forms (i.e. Sam Jang), they are completely different forms/patterns. Check with your Taekwondo instructor to see if your school uses Palgwe or Taegeuk forms.

For additional instruction on other Palgwe forms, please visit the main Palgwe Taekwondo Forms page.

Instructional Video for Palgwe Form 7

Demonstration Video for Palgwe Form 7

Written Instruction for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 7 (Chil Jang)

  • Ready stance
  • Step forward with left leg, front stance, double low block
  • Front kick, step forward into front stance, double outside block (fists facing you)
  • Front kick, step forward into front stance, high cross block (high X-block)
  • Side kick, step forward into back stance, double knife hand middle block
  • Turn left 270 degrees, back stance, middle block,
  • Shift to front stance (do not take a step), right high punch, left high block
  • Side kick, step forward into back stance, double knife hand low block
  • Shift to front stance (do not take a step), right middle punch
  • Turn right 180 degrees, back stance, middle block
  • Shift to front stance (do not take a step), left high punch, right high block
  • Side kick, double knife hand low block, left middle punch
  • Turn left 90 degrees, low cross block (low X-block), high cross block (high X-block), right high punch, yell (kihap)
  • Turn right 180 degrees, horse riding stance, right low block
  • Turn left 180 degrees, front stance, left knife hand strike, inside crescent kick (hit left hand), step forward into horse stance, elbow strike
  • Turn 180 degrees, horse stance (stay in place), mountain block (high/low block)
  • Shuffle backward, back stance, double knife hand middle block
  • Shift to front stance, left middle punch, yell (kihap)
  • Return to ready stance

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