Instructions for the Runner's Calf Stretch or Push-Up Calf Stretch - Martial Arts Stretching Technique

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Instructions for the Runner's Calf Stretch or Push-Up Calf Stretch - Martial Arts Stretching Technique

This page provides details for the martial arts stretch known as the Runner's Calf Stretch. This stretch is also called the Sprinter's Calf Stretch and Push-Up Calf Stretch. This stretch is used by martial arts students in order to loosen their calf muscles (because a torn calf muscle is a common martial arts injury).

Other common calf stretches include the Dynamic Calf Stretch, Soleus Stretch, Standing Calf Stretch with Wall, Standing Gastroc Stretch and Towel Foot Stretch. All stretches should be supervised by a trained instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized.

For additional martial arts stretches targeting other areas of the body, please visit the main Martial Arts Stretches or Yoga for Martial Arts sections.

Instructions - How To Do A Runner's Calf Stretch or Push-Up Calf Stretch

  • In this stretch, you are doing what looks like a modified push-up. However, to get a proper calf stretch, you must keep your heel down on the ground as you lean forward.
  • From a standing position, bend down and place your hands on the ground.
  • You will slowly move your hands forward while leaving one foot flat on the ground.
  • Put the other foot on top of the foot on the ground.
  • Try to keep the heel of the foot on the ground flat (with ground). The tendency will be to lift the heel as your hands move forward.
  • You should feel the stretch in your calf.

Video Instructions for the Runner's Calf Stretch

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