How To Spin A Sai - Martial Arts Technique

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How To Spin A Sai - Martial Arts Technique

This page provides details on how to spin a Sai. Many martial arts train with the Sai including Karate, Ninjutsu, etc.

These video instructions will help beginning martial artists learn how to use a Sai for demonstrations, self-defense and sparring purposes.

For other Sai instructional information, visit the main Sai techniques section.

How To Spin A Sai

How To Spin A Sai


  • As seen in the videos, remember that the wrist is what flicks to spin the said from its primary to secondary grips and back.
  • The movement is similar to switching between an eagles beak / goose neck strike and a palm heel strike

For more on the Sai please refer back to the Sai techniques page.

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