Shaolin Kempo Karate Self Defense Techniques

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Shaolin Kempo Karate Self Defense Techniques

Shaolin Kempo Karate uses a system where beginning students are taught a variety of prearranged self-defense combinations. The system has over 100+ combinations.

Listed below are the first 30 techniques. These combinations usually focus on defending against an attacker using a straight punch. Nevertheless, they can also be practiced for self-defense against kicks and different hand strikes. Check with your instructor for the exact scenario used at your school.

Self-Defense Combinations

  1. Draw back into [L] cat stance and [L] monkey parry, step in and hook [L] arm over opponent's right arm, [R] inside tiger rake, [R] crane to jaw, [R] leg hock and [R] hand grips neck & push for take-down, [R] downward thrust punch, [R] downward knifehand strike.
  2. Slide [L] foot in and pivot to face left side and [R] brace block, slide [R] foot out (to [R] in horse stance) and [R] side back punch, shuffle to [R] then [R] side elbow, [R] hand sweep, [R] downward (or driving) knifehand.
  3. Step in with left foot and [L] inside block, [R] low thrust punch to groin, [L] hand grabs shoulder, [R] back punch to face, [R] hand grabs opposite shoulder, pull towards the rear taking opponent to the ground, [L] downward thrust punch.
  4. [R] step back and [R] upper block, redirect downward then [R] tiger rake across face, [R] round kick to chest (opponent falls to ground) then cross [R] leg over left, [R] axe kick to groin, jump and land over opponent's head, double immortal man to eyes, double tiger rake upward, [R] then [L] downward thrust punch, [R] stomp kick, cross cover.
  5. Slide [L] foot in and pivot to face left side, [R] crane block with a [L] hand guard, slide [R] foot out (to [R] in horse stance) and [R] side back punch, [R] side kick, cross cover.
  6. Lean slightly left (to get out of line of attack), [R] front kick, cross cover.
  7. Step out to [L] (into bow stance), [R] side kick, cross cover.
  8. [L] outside knifehand block, [R] front kick to [R] round kick, cross cover.
  9. [L] outside knifehand block, [R] front kick to [R] round kick, [R] shuffle side kick, cross cover.
  10. Step back w/ left leg and [L] upper knifehand block, [R] spearhand to groin, [L] arm wrap and [R] knifehand to neck, turn to the left and [L] step back to horse stance (taking opponent to the ground), keeping hold of arm execute 2 [R] downward knifehand strikes, jump up and pull on trapped arm (dislocating shoulder), let go upon landing and execute a final downward knifehand strike.
  11. Step back w/ right, draw into [L] cat stance and [L] low parry block, [L] step in and [R] trigger finger to eye, [L] hand sweep opponent's right leg and [R] elbow to hip to take opponent down, hold & lock the leg, step over w/ left leg (turning opponent onto their front, keeping hold of leg), pull up and push hips forward (breaking the leg) then drop it, turn over [R] shoulder and execute [R] stomping kick (step down into horse stance to opponent's right side), [R] then [L] downward vertical punches, [R] stomping kick then step over, turn over [L] shoulder then [L] axe kick to head.
  12. [L] circle block to left corner, [L] front kick at same angle (step down to bow stance), [R] turning back kick, [L] front kick to same angle.
  13. Use belt to block & redirect to right, [R] punch to groin, bring [R] hand up and wrap opponent's neck w/ belt, turn to [L] and pull opponent to ground, rip belt up w/ [R] arm (releasing from neck) then whip back down striking opponent.
  14. [L] knifehand block, [R] scissor kick.
  15. [R] step forward into twist stance and [R] ridgehand block, [L] step in (into horse stance) and [R] downward knifehand (redirecting opponent's arm), [R] upward ridgehand to neck, [L] turning ridgehand to back of head while stepping around w/ right leg (to horse stance, taking opponent to ground), 2 [R] tiger rakes across to inside then outside, [R] downward elbow to [R] downward hammerfist.
  16. Grab opponent's arm with both hands (right hand at wrist, left hand at elbow), [R] front kick then step back to [L] bow stance, pull opponent's arm down while pivoting [R] into horse stance, keeping hold of arm, step over w/ [L] leg (trapping arm between legs), quickly turn hips to left (breaking arm), turn over [R] shoulder and [R] hook kick to head (land in [L] bow stance), [R] vertical punch to temple.
  17. Draw back into [L] cat stance and [L] tiger trap, step in and double tiger claw ([R] claw to groin, [L] claw to face), hook [L] arm over opponent's [R] arm, [R] knifehand to neck, step back w/ left and pull opponent to ground (keeping [R] hand pushing on neck for leverage), [R] then [L] downward vertical punch, [R] downward spearhand.
  18. Draw back into [L] cat stance and [L] low parry block, [L] step in and [L] backhand to face, grab back of neck and pull down while stepping back w/ left leg, [R] downward elbow to spine, [R] lower hammerfist to temple.
  19. [L] upper knifehand block, [R] front kick (land in [L] bow stance), [L] hand grabs head and pull down, [R] downward elbow to spine, replace left hand w/ right pressing head down, hook [L] arm under opponent's right arm, pull & flip opponent over toward right (take-down), [R] knifehand chop to neck.
  20. Step in w/ [L] and [L] double knifehand block, [L] arm wraps opponent's right arm and [R] knifehand to neck, step back with left and take down (using [R] knifehand for extra leverage), [R] downward thrust punch, [R] downward spearhand.
  21. Step in w/ left and [L] upper knifehand block, step in w/ right (pivoting to horse stance) and [R] inverted longfist to armpit (keeping [L] hand in position), grab opponent's arm w/ left hand and pivot left 180° (ducking under opponent's arm), [R] hammer to elbow then to temple, [L] stomp to back of knee forcing opponent to kneel, [R] spinning hook kick to head.
  22. Step in w/ left, [R] then [L] upper knifehand block, [R] spearhand and cross chamber [L] hand, [L] outside knifehand strike, turn over right shoulder while executing [L] leg sweep (take-down), continue turning right then [R] stomp kick.
  23. Draw back into [L] cat stance and vertical trapping block (left hand on top, right hand on bottom), [L] knifehand to neck, [R] knifehand to ribs, [L] palm strike to head.
  24. Step in w/ [R] and downward cross block, scissor chop, double outside tiger rake, double poison thumbs to eyes.
  25. Draw back into [L] cat stance, [L] low palm block, step in and [R] spearhand to throat (keeping left hand in position), [L] front knifehand to neck, [R] then [L] palm strike to face.
  26. Step in w/ left and [L] upper knifehand block, step in w/ right (pivoting to horse stance) and [R] inverted longfist to armpit (keeping [L] hand in position), pivot 180° over left shoulder, [L] side elbow and [R] low tiger claw to groin, [L] hand sweep, [R] downward knifehand.
  27. [L] outside knifehand block and [R] instep kick to groin, [R] driving knifehand to face and cross chamber [L] hand, [L] outside knifehand to neck, [R] spinning knifehand strike to back of neck, [L] driving knifehand to spine.
  28. Step w/ right leg into [R] twist stance and [R] dragon trap, [L] spinning hook kick to solar plexus, [R] leg sweep (take-down), [L] kneel and [R] downward vertical punch to ribs.
  29. Step w/ right leg into [R] twist stance and [L] downward hammer to forearm then [L] backfist to face, reach over w/ right hand to grab opponent's left shoulder, twist and drive down w/ [L] knifehand to throat, drop down w/ [L] palm strike to face and [R] palm strike to groin (arms cross over each other), double outside tiger rake, pivot to [R] kneel and [L] palm strike to solar plexus then follow through up to chin.
  30. Step back w/ left to evade attack then drop down to [L] side, [R] laying side kick to groin, scissor take-down (right leg pulling), [R] laying axe kick, turn over to kneeling position then [L] kneeing roundhouse kick to head, turn over again then [R] axe kick, stand then cross cover.

Reference Sources

  1. Information kindly provided by Sensei Kristalyn,, Added - 01/02/17

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