Learn Tai Chi Techniques & Form Movements

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Learn Tai Chi Techniques & Form Movements

Below are the individual techniques used in Tai Chi forms (or Tai Chi ch'uan). Each movement has video lessons to help you learn that specific Tai Chi technique.

Tai Chi Techniques (Yang-Style)

  1. Tai Chi - Brush Knee And Push - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  2. Tai Chi - Cloud Hands or Waving Hands Like Clouds - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  3. Tai Chi - Fan Through Back or Ward Off, Push Away - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  4. Tai Chi - Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg or Bird Stands on One Leg, Golden Pheasant Stands On One Leg, etc. - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  5. Tai Chi - Grasp The Bird's Tail - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  6. Tai Chi - High Pat on Horse or Stroke Horse - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  7. Tai Chi - Needle At Sea Bottom or Needle At Bottom Of Ocean - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  8. Tai Chi - Parting The Wild Horse's Mane - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  9. Tai Chi - Playing The Guitar or Hand Strums the Lute - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  10. Tai Chi - Repulse The Monkey - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  11. Tai Chi - Shuttle Back And Forth or Fair Lady Weaves The Shuttle - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  12. Tai Chi - Single Whip - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  13. Tai Chi - Strike The Ears or Strike Tiger Ears - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  14. Tai Chi - Turn Body, Deflect, Parry, and Punch - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)
  15. Tai Chi - White Crane Spreads Wings - Used in Tai Chi 24 Form (Beijing Form)

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