List of Tai Chi Words, Commands & Terminology

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List of Tai Chi Words, Commands & Terminology

Here are many of the basic Chinese words, terms and commands used in Tai Chi.

For other martial arts words & commands, please visit the main Martial Arts Terminology section.

Important Tai Chi Words & Commands

  • Begin - Kai Shi
  • Bow - Kow Tow
  • Cheers (when drinking/celebrating) - Gan Bei
  • Essence - Jing
  • Forms - Taolu
  • Good - Hao (sounds like How). Very good is Hěn Hǎo (Hung How) and not good is Bù Hǎo (Boo How).
  • Goodbye - Zai Jian
  • Hello - Ni Hao (sounds like Nee How)
  • How Are You? - Ni Hao Ma
  • I - Wa
  • Internal Arts - Neijia
  • Kick - Ti
  • Life Energy - Qi or Chi
  • Life Energy Cultivation - Qigong
  • Master - Shifu
  • Mediation (Standing) - Zhanzhuang
  • No - Bù (Boo)
  • Not Good - Bù Hǎo (Boo How)
  • Punch - Quan
  • Pushing Hands - Tuishou
  • Spirit - Shen
  • Student - Tu Di
  • Teacher or Instructor - Lao Shi
  • Thank You - Xie Xie
  • Very Good - Hěn Hǎo (Hung How)
  • You - Ni or Nee
  • You Are Welcome - Bu-ke-qi (literally means don't act like a guest)


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