Tai Sabaki - Martial Arts Body Movement

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Tai Sabaki - Martial Arts Body Movement

Tai Sabaki (literal translation body management) is a key component of all Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. This technique should not to be confused with Taijutsu (which is the unarmed combat method associated with Ninjutsu which does incorporate many elements of Tai Sabaki).

Tai Sabaki is a way of maneuvering the body in order to both avoid a strike whilst at the same time positioning oneself into a position to execute a counter/pre-emptive strike. Tai Sabaki (often translated as evasion) places great emphasis on 'Ashi Sabaki' (footwork) and 'Te Sabaki' (handwork). Tai Sabaki is especially important in the traditional Japanese weapon-based martial arts such as Kenjutsu and Kobudo weapon techniques such as Nunchakujutsu. In addition, this technique is part of other Japanese martial arts such as Aikido and Karate.

Tai Sabaki in Aikido

Tai Sabaki in Karate

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