Learn about Tetsu Geta (or Iron Sandals) - Karate Training Tool

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Learn about Tetsu Geta (or Iron Sandals) - Karate Training Tool

This page provides details about Tetsu Geta (Iron Sandals or Iron Clogs). This traditional Japanese martial arts training tool were used by some Karate sub-styles in order to develop leg strength and kicking power. This equipment is used in Hojo Undo, traditional strength training used by some Karate styles.

These heavy metal sandals or clogs were worn during regular martial arts training. The theory was that if a student could do an exercise properly with this extra weight, a student could do it even faster and stronger once the weights were removed. Ankle weights are similar modern day training equivalents to the Tetsu Geta. However, a number of doctors caution about using ankle weights on your legs because it is possible to cause knee, joint and/or muscle injuries during training if used improperly.

For more traditional training equipment information, please visit the main Martial Arts Training Equipment section.

Picture of Tetsu Geta (or Iron Sandals)

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