Top 10 Martial Arts Instructional & Training DVDs

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Top 10 Martial Arts Instructional & Training DVDs

This page looks at the top 10 martial arts instructional DVDs. They provide training instruction for the Bo (staff), kata, sparring, kicking techniques and much more. This list is based on wiki visitor purchases. These marial arts DVDs cover a wide variety of styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga. At no extra cost to you, we make a small commission if you buy products via these links. Your purchase helps keep this wiki free for all visitors. Thank you for your support!

2017 - Top Martial Arts DVDs - Most popular DVDs based on visitor purchases

  1. Traditional Taekwondo Forms Volume One - This Taekwondo DVD covers the 12 original International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) patterns.
  2. Mastering Krav Maga: Self-Defense: Volume 1 - This Krav Maga DVD looks at techniques such as Upper Body Combatives & Defenses, Lower Body Combatives & Defenses, Chokes, Grab Releases, Takedowns, Groundfighting, etc.
  3. Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Training
  4. Traditional Taekwondo Forms Volume Two
  5. Complete Shotokan Karate – full white to black belt series (8 DVDs)
  6. Full-Contact Karate Set - Advanced sparring and conditioning techniques.
  7. Gracie Lifestyle Combatives Standard DVD Package
  8. Ultimate Bo: Beginner to Black Belt Bo Staff Course – 8 DVD Set
  9. The Kick Coach: Vol. 1 - Mastering kicking form, speed & power.
  10. Taekwondo Taegeuk Poomse # 1-8 - Official WTF Taekwondo Taegeuk forms 1-8.

Since we were on a roll adding DVDs and as a bonus. here are top 11-20 martial arts DVDs.

  1. Hapkido Ultimate Self-Defense - 5 star Hapikdo DVD.
  2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Requirements: Fundamentals for All
  3. Everlast Boxing Workout: Beginner
  4. Shotokan Karate: Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Two - This Shotokan DVD covers Tekki Nidan, Tekki Sandan, Gankaku, Hangetsu, Sochin and Jitte. Each kata is demonstrated slowly move by move and with the correct speed and tempo.
  5. Mastering Krav Maga Self Defense (Vol. II) 5 DVD Set (400 minutes) -- Impact & Edged Weapon Defenses - This Krav Maga DVD covers Impact Weapons & Core Fundamentals, Krav Maga Control Holds & Tactics, Overhead Edged Weapon Defenses, Edged Weapon Stabs & Slashes and Edged Weapon Ground Survival & Threats.
  6. Shotokan Karate: Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume One - This Shotokan DVD covers Bassai-Dai, Kanku-Dai, Empi, Jion and Tekki Shodan.
  7. Striking Combos for MMA - This MMA DVD is done by MMA champion Anderson Silva. 4 1/2 stars.
  8. Mastering Krav Maga Self Defense (Vol. III) 3 DVD Set (249 minutes) -- Firearm Defenses
  9. Tang Soo Do: A Visual Guide to Forms
  10. BodyWisdom Media: Tai Chi for Beginners

Clips from the Mastering Krav Maga DVD

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