Wiki Member Accounts - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Wiki Member Accounts - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I have to create an account?

  • We require members to create an account and verify their email address in order to prevent people from spamming this wiki.

How do I create an account?

  • After you request membership, we will send you an email with a password and instructions on how to create a wiki account.
  • As stated in your acceptance email, there are two different methods that you can use to create an account (either via Facebook or by creating a new wikidot account).
  • Facebook Method (easiest method)
    1. Visit this Black Belt Wiki page
    2. Use the password contained in the email that we sent you.
    3. Create an account by logging in via your Facebook account (click on the "Connect Using Facebook" button).
  • Alternative Method - If you do not have a Facebook account (or prefer not to use Facebook)
    1. Visit this Black Belt Wiki page
    2. Use the password contained in the email that we sent you.
    3. You will be sent to a new page where you need to add your name (or an alias such as your first name & style - John Karate), your email address, add a password, enter the number shown in the Recaptcha (anti-spam) system and finally click on the "Sign Up" button.
    4. In turn, you will get a verification email from Wikidot (not Black Belt Wiki). You must click on the verification link in the email in order to prove that the email address entered in the Wikidot system belongs to you. This is an anti-spam measure.
  • When creating your account, please use your name or a variation of your name (i.e. your first name & your style - "Judy Karate" or "Taekwondo Peter") if you want us to know who are and so we can give you credit for your work on the Top Editors page.
  • If you want even more details on how to create an account, please read this Wikidot page.

I was approved for wiki membership and I filled out the required membership information. However, I am having a problem as I am not being allowed to edit the wiki.

  • You might have only become a Wikidot member (our wiki software provider) and are not yet a member of Black Belt Wiki.
  • You need to visit this Black Belt Wiki page and use the password contained in the membership email that we sent you. You will not have to fill out the form again.
  • Contact us if this does not work.

How do I add a picture to my profile name?

  • Click on "My Account" (top right of wiki) then the "Settings" tab and finally select "Avatar" (part of your account information below "Password").

How do I add information to my wiki profile (i.e. add information about my school)?

  • Click on "My Account" (top right of wiki) then the "Settings" tab and finally select "About Me". On this page, you can add your real name (don't if you have any privacy concerns), website, description, etc.

Can I change my profile name?

  • Yes, you can change your screen name. If you are logged in at Black Belt Wiki, go into "my account" (top right of screen) and then click on "settings" (top menu bar). On this page, you will see "screen name". Click on the edit button and change your name.
  • You can only change your profile name twice… so select wisely. :)
  • If you are concerned about privacy, you should use a pseudonym such as your first name & style - "Judy Karate" or "Taekwondo Peter" versus using your first & last name.

I can edit most pages. However, one page won't unlock. How can I can edit this page?

  • A few of the wiki pages (i.e. home page) are locked. Please contact us and tell us which page you are having trouble with.

I am a Wikidot member. Why can't I edit this wiki?

  • You may be a Wikidot member but you need to apply for membership to this specific wiki. Wikidot is just the software provider for a number of different wikis.
  • We will send you a password and then you can become a member of Black Belt Wiki (versus just being a Wikidot member).

How do I post information on this wiki?

  • Find a page that you want to change (i.e. Shotokan katas), click on the "edit this page" button (on the top left of that page). You will then be taken to the editing tool (which will appear at the bottom of the page). In the editing box, you can type in new details or make edits to the page (i.e. add kata step-by-step instructions). When you are done, click on the "save" button at the bottom of the editing box. Pretty simple! :)
  • For more details, please visit the main "How To Post" page -
  • Ideally, you would start with techniques and concepts that would be most useful for beginners. Then, as you build out a wiki section, you would slowly progress by adding more and more advanced information.
  • If you need help with a new page, please contact us. For example, we can create a "starter" page for you in regards to the new page's area of focus (i.e. style or technique) and you can fill in the details.

Do you take everyone as a member?

  • We would love to take everyone. However, we only take people who are passionate about the martial arts and who are interested in helping others (esp. beginners) learn more about the martial arts.
  • Moreover, if a person does not adequately fill out the "How You Plan To Help Wiki" section on the application form, there is a very good chance that they will not be approved.
  • You also need follow the new account instructions in the email that we send you in order to become a member.
  • People who were approved for membership are listed in the wiki approval page.

Can you list my martial arts style on the main Martial Arts Styles page?

  • If it is not listed, please contact us so we can take a look. We only list recognized martial arts styles with a style association/federation, Wikipedia entry, many schools, etc. No "personal" styles will be listed (i.e. Smith-Fu).

Do you ban members?

  • This wiki is geared towards freely sharing accurate information on the martial arts. Members also need to be courteous towards other members and martial arts styles. Violations of these rules will get you banned. Examples include made-up information, inappropriate and/or belligerent behavior towards other members and administrators, aggressive self-promotion versus adding accurate martial arts information, deliberately using copyrighted material versus writing your own material, etc.

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