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If you would like to add some information to this martial arts wiki, please use the form below. We are looking for help with written instructions for kata, grappling techniques, terminology, etc. When contacting us, please include your name, email address, martial arts style & experience and what you would like to add to the wiki.

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Benefits for Adding Information

  • You will be helping others (esp. beginners) to understand difficult techniques & katas and learn more about your style (i.e. Shotokan Karate).
  • If you add content to the wiki, you can post your school or blog and a link to your website in the reference sections of wiki pages where you add content.
  • You can add your school to our Martial Arts School Directory with an expanded description.
  • You can add your martial arts blog to our Blog Directory with an expanded description.
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Our Great Wiki Contributors

We would like to thank everyone who has helped improve this martial arts wiki!!!! If you would to help contribute to this free martial arts wiki, please visit our page on how to help beginners & add information to the wiki.

  • 10/12/16 - Sifu Och - Thanks for the great video & information on the Wing Chun Double Punch. For all of our wiki visitors, please visit his school for more Wing Chun information - Sifu Och Wing Chun
  • 09/26/16 - James - Thank you for pointing other full contact karate styles such as Ashihara Karate. I have also started to add some of the Ashihara katas to the wiki.
  • 09/06/16 - Richi - Thanks for the pointing out the software error with the Shotokan kata Heian Sandan page. It has been fixed… fingers crossed that it stays fixed!
  • 08/15/16 - Superamazingbadgerman - Thanks for pointing out the value of tennis ball punching bags.
  • 07/23/16 - Rachel - Thanks for pointing out the very kid friendly training technique known as flag sparring.
  • 07/14/16 - Andy - I want to thank my good friend Andy for his excellent idea about adding free martial arts audio books to the wiki such as The Art of War.
  • 07/13/16 - Ray - Thanks for the idea about the martial arts training equipment known as a reflex bag.
  • 07/08/16 - Mikey - Thank you very much for adding written instructions to the Kusanku Sai Kata page!
  • 06/22/16 - LE - Thank you for pointing out a number of different Vietnamese martial arts (such as Linh Quyen Dao and Thien Mon Dạo). They have been added to the list covering all martial arts styles.
  • 06/20/16 - Michael - Thanks for the details for the new Isshin-Ryu (Karate) page.
  • 06/03/16 - Ben - Thanks for pointing out the error on the Aikido Gokyo page. It has been fixed.
  • 06/02/16 - Bryce - Thank you for adding the blocking "philosophy" information to the Blocking Techniques section.
  • 06/01/16 - Kelly - Thank you for helping to improve the page on Shotokan Taikyoku Shodan
  • 05/28/16 - James - Thank you for adding written step-by-step instructions for a number of the Kyokushin katas. Very helpful!

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  • The Definition of Martial Arts How would you define a martial arts in 50 words or less? Try to make your definition cover all aspects so no martial arts style is forgotten (i.e. weapon-based martial arts). Don't look at a dictionary because the answer can be incomplete as there are ...
  • A Couple of less well known Karate Techniques Here are a couple of traditional Okinawan Karate Techniques that are still practiced (to some degree) in a few styles but are on the whole forgotten!
  • Functional Kata I have been working on the Ashihara Karate section of the wiki. I like how they break out their kata by function. Rather than some elaborate traditional kata with a huge variety of moves (i.e. kicks, punches, throws, sweeps, etc.) & hidden meaning/tech...
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