List of Karate Kicks with Instructions

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List of Karate Kicks with Instructions

This page will help you learn a variety of basic Karate kicks such as Mawashi Geri (roundhouse kick) and Ushiro Geri (back kick). This page also lists the Japanese names for these Karate kicking techniques. For all Karate kicks, please check with your instructor as techniques and names can vary from one Karate style to another.

For other Karate techniques and katas, please visit the main Karate section. You should also visit the main Kicking Techniques section to see how these kicks are done by other martial arts styles (i.e. Muay Thai and Taekwondo). That section contains a greater variety of advanced martial arts kicks (i.e. Butterfly Kick) that you can learn in order to increase your overall martial arts knowledge.

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Karate Kicking Techniques - Click on the kicks below for videos, instructions, etc.

  1. Ashi Barai - Foot Sweep
  2. Fumikomi - Stomp or Stomping Kick
  3. Gedan Mawashi Geri - Low Roundhouse Kick
  4. Hiza Geri - Knee Strike
  5. Kakato Otoshi Geri - Axe Kick - Sometimes only referred to as Kakato Geri.
  6. Kansetsu Geri - Joint Kick (usually attacking an opponent's knee)
  7. Kin Geri - Groin Kick
  8. Mae Geri - Front Kick
  9. Mae Geri Keage - Front Snap Kick
  10. Mae Geri Kekomi - Front Thrust Kick
  11. Mae Tobi Geri - Jumping Front Kick
  12. Mawashi Geri - Roundhouse Kick
  13. Mikazuki Geri - Crescent Kick
  14. Uchi Mikazuki Geri - Inside Crescent Kick, In-To-Out Crescent Kick, etc.
  15. Nidan Tobi Geri also known as Nidan Geri - Jumping Double Front Kick
  16. Otoshi Mawashi Geri - Downward Roundhouse Kick, Circular Falling Kick, Falling Roundhouse Kick, etc.
  17. Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku - Tornado Kick
  18. Tobi Geri - Jumping Kick
  19. Tobi Hiza Geri - Jumping Knee Strike
  20. Tobi Mae Geri or Mae Tobi Geri - Jumping Front Kick
  21. Tobi Mawashi Geri - Jumping Roundhouse Kick
  22. Tobi Ushiro Geri - Jumping Back Kick
  23. Tobi Yoko Geri or Yoko Tobi Geri - Jumping Side Kick or Flying Side Kick
  24. Tsumasaki Geri - Toe Kick
  25. Uchi Haisoku Geri - Twist Kick, Instep Kick, etc.
  26. Ura Mawashi Geri - Reverse Roundhouse Kick or Hook Kick
  27. Ura Ushiro Mawashi Geri - Spinning Reverse Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Wheel Kick, Spinning Hook Kick, etc.
  28. Ushiro Geri - Back Kick
  29. Ushiro Geri Keage - Back Snap Kick
  30. Ushiro Geri Kekomi - Back Thrust Kick
  31. Yoko Geri - Side Kick
  32. Yoko Geri Keage - Side Snap Kick
  33. Yoko Geri Kekomi - Side Thrust Kick
  34. Yoko Tobi Geri - Jumping Side Kick or Flying Side Kick

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